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Phone Gap Development

Phone Gap Development is actually a brainchild of Nitobi but is now the property of Adobe Systems. This mobile development framework is used by software developers to create mobile device apps based on CSS3, HTML5, or JavaScript. (JavaScript is for logic while HTML5 and CSS3 are for rendering). These mobile device apps are dubbed "hybrid applications" that are somewhat native and somewhat web-based. Phone Gap development is based on the open-source software Apache Cordova and is used with different operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, webOS, Android, and iOS.

You may need a developer to do Phone Gap development for your mobile device apps so that these will run on mobile app platforms including appMobi, Convertigo, Worklight, or ViziApps. Take note that the service called Phone Gap Build now permits developers to upload the pertinent source code into the cloud compiler - this allows apps to be produced for any supported platform. One company you can tap for this is QueryFinders Solutions.

If you ask your developer from QueryFinders Solutions to make mobile device apps based on Phone Gap, be forewarned that Apple can actually reject apps that are grounded in Phone Gap because the apps may not run fast enough or are not sufficiently "native" to be acceptable. This means that the functionality and the appearance of your Phone Gap apps should match those of previous apps deployed on that platform. One reason your apps are not fast or native enough is because they use web-based technologies.

Yet there are still many apps that have been made using the Phone Gap mobile development framework because Phone Gap was actually an award-winning creation back in 2009. Back then you had to make sure you were using an Apple computer when you were creating iOS apps, or a Windows-based computer if you were producing apps for Windows Mobile. This changed when the previously mentioned Phone Gap Build service came into being.

A new development you should look out for when it comes to Phone Gap is future support for the Bada operating system. This OS is currently embedded in the Samsung Wave S8500. Some operating systems have more supported features when compared to other operating systems. Consider how Phone Gap can support these features including storage; notifications for vibration, sound and alert; network; media; geolocation; file; contacts; compass; camera; and accelerometer before you hire a developer or choose an operating system.

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